What is the Akashic Record?

The Akashic Record is a vibrational record of every person’s Soul and its journey, all past, present, and future possibilities.

vibrational record of a soul and its journey

What is the Value of Working in the Akashic Records?

Insight and guidance from the Records can assist us to see where we are at from our soul’s point of view and what we must do to get to the next level of our journey.

insight and guidance from the records

The Akashic Records can also provide information about specific questions regarding everyday aspects of life as well as deep compelling issues, and everything in between.

Is it Real?

Being in the Akashic Record is a distinct experience. Perceptions, awareness, and insights not commonly available to us amidst the clutter of our thoughts, are natural to the Record. There is an absence of judgment and a presence of kindness.

perceptions, awareness and insights are natural

For some, there is a dramatic shift in the senses and sensations, but for most it is much more subtle. A combination of emotional stillness, clarity, and illumination characterize this dimension. Sometimes the way we know we have been in the Records is by how we feel after closing and then returning to an “ordinary” state.

What to expect:

The records are open with a beautiful prayer. I will then ask you for the first question you have prepared.

the information they feel you should know

My job is to transmit to you what I am hearing, seeing or feeling as “they”, the Lords of the Records, reveal to me the information they feel is in your best interest to know at this time.

whatever serves you best is what you will get

The Session is over the phone and takes about an hour. Please make yourself comfortable in a quiet place to prepare for the reading. Have your 3 or 4 questions ready, although sometimes “they” take off on the first question and devote the entire hour to it. Whatever serves you best is what you will get.

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